11 December 2006

Christmas Shopping

I don’t enjoy Christmas shopping much at all, I hate the pressure of having to buy things for that particular day (does that sound Ebenezer like?), but as I’m now feeling quite Christmassy and time is flying by, I decided to make a start on my Christmas shopping this weekend.

I headed out nice and early to beat the crowds, armed with my carefully planned lists I was confident on getting quite a bit done. Instead I only managed to get 2 gifts which is quite a long way off target - how I miss the UK high street at Christmas especially :( . I got drenched too when the heavens opened.

On Sunday I had a much more successful shop thanks to the internet. How nice it is being able to sit in your slippers and click away, instead of battling with crowds and shop assistants. I managed to get most of my shopping finished thanks to Amazon UK and Marks and sparks – all free delivery too, this way I don’t have to carry the stuff in my luggage either when I go back for Christmas. Perfect!

I just need to get a couple more things for people here now (including OH – help!) and I’m done. Unfortunately internet shopping here isn’t very big yet so I’ll have to brave the shops once more. Wish me luck :)


sognatrice said...

I *hate* shopping here. I feel like a remedial shopper or something...I never know which stores to look in, and then I feel pressured when I'm there. And I feel your pain on the OH gift. I'm still clueless myself. Must hit the streets this weekend. Oh how I long for Internet shopping in Italia!

Delina said...

Hate is a strong word, but I completely understand what you're saying ... the pressure when you walk in is just too much!

Louisa said...

I dislike shopping here too. It's ok in coin where i can wander about without being bothered. When I go into other stores I get flustered and my Italian always seems to get mixed up. Yep you always feel like you have to buy something. Dont know why?..Went shopping this am for the OH and came back with 8 lindt choccies and NOTHING ELSE. This is because I avoided the shops I really wanted to go into due to the fear of buying something that is unsuitable just because I can't say No. Why can't I say no here..it was never any problem in the UK!!

Delina said...

Louisa, I know what you mean, It's easy to feel bad saying no when they've just laid 10 "not quite right" shirts out in front of you :D Before, in weaker moments, I've thought "I'll buy one just so that she doesn't have to fold them ALL up again". ahah